I’m trying out a new format with this episode. Rather than the normal interview based podcast I invite guest co-host Chris Vallejo to talk about gig preparedness. In this episode we talk about some methods to ensure that you are prepared for any gig situation. If you like the episode be sure to subscribe and leave a review on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts. I plan to do some more episodes in this format as well as more interviews- please get in touch with any feedback on this format. Enjoy the episode!

Ways to prepare for a gig:

1) Have a gig checklist

What do you need for all gigs? What do you need for a specific gig? Go through this checklist sometime before the gig and try to avoid scrambling at the last minute to get everything together.

2) Know the music

This seems obvious but is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for a gig. Try to know the music ahead of time and avoid learning music right before the gig if possible. Making charts is a great way to learn the music even if you need to use them on the gig. Another tip here is to learn as many “standards” as possible in as many styles as possible so that you can play songs that are called on the gig.

3) Know where you’re going

Check your directions ahead of time and leave extra time for traffic and loading in/setting up. Figure out where you are supposed to load in and park ahead of time and leave yourself plenty of time.

4) Have an “emergency kit”

Make a kit of items you might need on any gig or for when things break on the gig. This will not only save you but also likely save your fellow bandmates which is almost even better. For more information on this topic you can check out my blog post about my “OSB” here: