My name is Lane and I have am afflicted with an addiction. I am addicted to researching, buying, and ultimately selling gear only to be replaced with my most recent finds. I have Gear Acquisition Syndrome, commonly referred to as GAS. It’s bad- I actually ordered a new aux pedal from This1sMyne while writing this post.

Endless Options

As a typical guitarist I spend hours trolling the internet researching gear. Pieces of gear are the essential tools we use to create music. My goal is to have a minimalistic set up that is capable of creating all tones and sounds imaginable. Every year I get closer to this goal but spend an insane amount of time researching it.

It occurs to me that sometimes this time may be better spent actually playing and practicing my instrument. At what point do I stop researching and upgrading my gear and just play? How many pedals, guitars, and amps do I really need (read: want) to express myself musically? My current set up based around a Kemper Profiling Amplifier is getting me closer to my goals. I am closer but know that I may never reach “perfection.”

Today I vow to pull myself away from the endless threads of gear forums and YouTube gear demos and practice my guitar.

Do you have GAS?

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