Guitar Geography


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Guitar Geography is dedicated to helping a beginning guitarist understand some basics about the guitar. This eBook teaches about the musical alphabet, tuning the guitar, and every single note on the guitar. A great resource for a beginning guitarist to learn some basics and for more accomplished players to use with their own students. Guitar Geography is sampled from the upcoming book and course Beginning Guitar Lessons for All Ages.

Position Playing


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Position Playing was created for intermediate and advanced guitarists.  I walk you through single string playing and connecting major scales to seventh arpeggios, drop two, and drop three chords in position. This interactive ebook is optimized for iPad but will work great on a computer or phone too. Position Playing is sampled from the upcoming book and course Intermediate Guitar Lessons for All Ages.

Practice Journal

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Great for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. This interactive PDF practice journal allows a student to document his or her practice routine. It contains fifty-two pages with seven entries each- perfect for a years worth of practice sessions. After one year is up (or if you wish to keep track of more than one practice session per day) simply download the PDF again and start over.

The journal contains editable text boxes for date, time, material, and practice goals.

For some inspiration on building your practice routine be sure to check out my blog posts on Playing vs Practicing and Creating an effective practice routine through incremental change.