Classical guitar book and gear recommendations

This is a collection of some of my favorite books and gear for learning classical guitar. From methods, to etudes, to technique these books will help you take your classical guitar playing to the next level. The gear section contains some essential items for the beginning classical guitarist such as classical guitars, footstools, and more.

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The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method, Vol. 1

This is an excellent guitar method to learn the basics of classical guitar. You will learn about classical guitar technique, reading standard notation, finger style playing as well as developing some beginning classical guitar repertoire.

The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method, Vol. 2

This book continues on the topics learned in volume 1 and contains even more repertoire to take your classical guitar playing to the next level.

Pumping Nylon

This is my go to technique for any guitarist and is focused on classical guitar technique. The book is divided into two main sections: left hand technique and right hand technique. While the cover is quite ridiculous the content in the book is unsurpassed.

Sor Studies

This is a great supplement to the Parkening method books and contains many etudes by Fernando Sor. This is the classical guitar bible.

Segovia Scales

Scale studies by the great classical guitarist Andres Segovia. This book will help you master scales all around the guitar neck.


Yamaha Classical Guitar

This is a great classical guitar for beginners.

Classical Guitar Strings

Standard classical guitar nylon strings. Its always good to have backup strings for a broken string or for the next time you realize that your strings are dead.


An important tool for the classical guitarist to raise the left leg for proper classical guitar technique.

Classical Guitar Support

A very cool alternative to using a footstool this guitar support connects to the side of the guitar with suction cups.

Classical Guitar Nail File Kit

A great nail file kit for everything you need to shape your nails for the perfect tone.